Current Social Issues

Current social issues that are hot-button issues include immigration, environmental reform, and economic development. These and other current social justice issues are explored in the new book Journeys into Justice, which focus on collaboration as an amazingly productive form of organization for achieving greater social justice. Examples from the book include these current social issues:

Immigration across the Mexican/U.S. border in Arizona, is one of the most widely know current social issues, is the focus of one of the ten case histories in the book. BorderLinks is a collaborative organization with over twenty years of hands-on experience in bringing Mexican and American groups together to both respond to immediate human need and to build up creative institutions that enable Mexican people to achieve economic stability and self-development, thus reducing the need for immigration. BorderLinks work has been recognized as a model for social issue mobilization.

Environmental reform is the focus of Evangelicals for Environmental Responsibility, a collaborative organization seeking to inform and mobilize people of religious faith to change their consciousness and their behavior. These current social issues are dealt with by working to change the lifestyles of families, religious congregations, and by advocacy for public policy changes. This is one of the current social issues where collaborative movement can potentially involve as much as one-third of the American religious community.

Economic development, another of the current social issues, is the outcome of the Living Wage Campaign, Let Justice Roll, a collaborative organization that successfully combined city, state, and national levels of legislative advocacy to gain a new Federal minimum wage increase and living wage increases in sixteen states and hundreds of cities across the nation.

These four brief examples are just a hint of the helpful current social issues success stories contained in Journeys Into Justice. The book also contains many resources for current social issues organizations. 


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